Sea Change Emerald Lakes, QLD

Sea Change Emerald Lakes, QLD

Inherent in the concept of a Seachange, is the belief that there will be a change for the better. At Seachange, we believe that active people are happy and healthy people, and a true seachange is not just changing where you live, but how you live.

OPENetworks is the fibre network operator at Seachange Emerald Lakes, Gold Coast. OPENetworks provide “wholesale only” services and network management to a variety of fibre communities and locations around Australia.

Internet and Telephone Services.

We are pleased to introduce to the Seachange Emerald Lakes Community our Retail Service Providers that will offer a variety of Internet and telephone services to the village. Please refer to the Retail Service Providers page for a full list of current providers and links to their web sites.

Television Services.

At Varsity Lakes free to air TV services are distributed to homes via the fibre network. If you are having free to air TV issues please refer to the TV information and faults page.

New Connections.

For the majority of new homes being built, the fibre network has already been installed past your home. In order to receive services your home will need to be connected to the fibre network.

Communications Enclosures

The communications enclosure can be a combined enclosure with the home cabling terminations and the preference is for the builder to install an OPENetworks UCC (Universal Communications Cabinet), which comes as a kit complete with cable patch panel modules and 4 port telephone parallel modules.


If your home is not yet connected to the fibre network you will need to contact OPENetworks via the Web Assist Portal or phone 1300 784 978 to organise the connection. (Connections may vary, estimated to be 5 to 10 working days)