Fibre to the Home Connection

Is your home 'Fibre Ready'?

To assist us with getting you connected as efficiently as we can, we need you to confirm that your premises is “Fibre Ready”.

Your home is 'Fibre Ready' if your builder or communications cabling contractor has provided the following:

  1. A minimum of a P20 lead in conduit connecting with the street conduit network.
  2. This lead in conduit must be clear of damage and have a draw string installed to allow the fibre to be pulled in.
  3. Where the conduit turns up outside the house the builder was required to use sweep bends (not elbow bends) so that the fibre can pass through the bends.
  4. An internal conduit from the outside point of entry into the home and over to the Comms Cabinet, with a draw string installed.
  5. A Junction box connecting the outside lead in conduit to the internal home conduit is installed at the home point of entry. The draw strings to both conduits need to be available .
  6. A Communication Cabinet is provided and in this enclosure there is a double power point and the voice and data cabling within the home terminates on RJ45 outlets in the enclosure. The cabinet must be at least 380mm height by 380mm width by 95mm depth (380h x 380w x 95d)mm.

*Please be aware that a Junction Box may not required if the Communications enclosure is located externally, beside the home.

Please check that your home has all of these and then email or use the form below to attached and send photos.

Photos Required

Photo Required

Why we need this?

1. Communications Enclosure

With door open showing the cable termination and the fibre draw string

This cabinet should be located inside the home and should not have any equipment inside. We need to ensure that there is enough room in the cabinet for our optical device (ONT) and we also need to ensure that we can plug into your home cabling network plus power (double GPO). (if applicable)

2. Cable entry point outside the home showing the conduits and termination junction box.

Your home should have a conduit that runs from the communications pit in the street to a wall junction box. Inside this conduit will be a rope that we will pull the fibre from the street to the outside wall of the home.

3. Open junction box showing the conduits and draw strings

When we see inside the junction box we should be able to confirm that there is a rope from the street but also a another conduit with a rope to pull the fibre to the enclosure inside the home.

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*For those experiencing errors filling out the form please email with the photos and necessary details.

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What’s next?

  • We will respond to your email as soon as we are able, to let you know if the home is suitable for connection and or any feed back that our engineers may have.
  • If your home has any issues such as no junction box or an incorrect cabinet or conduit we will advise you as best, we can in regard to these details and a recommended course of action. (Please note that lead in conduit, junction boxes and internal cabinet are all home owner’s property and responsibility).

We look forward to getting you connected.