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OPENetworks for your Development

OPENetworks have been designing, building and operating superfast Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks as a Licensed Telecommunications Carrier since 2007. We comply with all NBN legislation and Australian Standards and operate on a wholesale only and open access basis.

New developments must comply with the Federal Government’s NBN legislation and the Development Application requirements of the relevant local authority. These require that each premises in a new development be connected to a Fibre to the Premises network capable of providing superfast broadband services.

Whether your development is mixed use, multi-dwelling units or a broad acre community, OPENetworks can add significant value and also deliver substantial savings for your development. We do this by integrating building and community services onto our core fibre distribution network and eliminating the need for duplicate infrastructure and network cabling . All necessary services such as: super-fast broadband, free to air TV and Foxtel, building management systems and controllers, video and audio intercoms, or CCTV are carried over a single superfast fibre optic network.

This approach produces tremendous savings when the duplicate cabling, pit & pipe infrastructure and network equipment often necessary in developments with an NBN Co FTTP network are eliminated by OPENetworks Smart Integration.


Key Advantages of OPENetworks FTTP

Single Pit & Pipe Network

Eliminate duplicate pit and pipe infrastructure usually necessary with NBN Co FTTP network designs when deploying local services.

Integrated Community Services

Eliminate duplicate distribution cabling and network equipment for local services, such as: Intercom, CCTV, BMS, etc

Free-to-Air & Pay TV over Fibre

Eliminate duplicate cabling & equipment for TV distribution. Single antenna & satellite dish per development.

The advantages of an OPENetworks FTTP Network can add significant value to the new community created by the development. OPENetworks also guarantees to deliver services when needed in order to comply with Local Government requirements for settling land or property sales.

Please contact us if you require further information or clarification on any aspects of your development's telecommunications requirements. We can provide you with an initial proposal for your development including a price estimate indicating the savings you can acheive with OPENetworks

Network Options

The following diagram provides a graphical representation of the savings OPENetworks can provide through removing unnecessary duplicate infrastructure and network cabling, and integrating voice, super-fast broadband, building management and community services over a single optical fibre network.


FTTP: Broadband & Voice Only

NBN Co. equivalent
BYO TV distribution
BYO local services
Multiple distribution networks


FTTP: Fully Integrated

Broadband & Voice Services
Integrated TV distribution (RFoG)
Integrated Local IP Services
Single fibre distribution network

Our Wholesale Broadband Access Agreements with retailers are registered with the ACCC to demonstrate OPENetworks compliance as a wholesale only and open access carrier of superfast broadband access networks. Numerous Retail Service Providers(RSPs) are connected to our network and offer residential and commercial end users with a wide variety of broadband and voice packages to suit different needs.

OPENetworks provides the added advantages of providing a single point of contact, flexible installation and staging, and allows use of your preferred civil and electrical contractors. We collaborate directly with your team to efficiently deliver high quality telecommunications services and guarantee to deliver those services when they are needed to meet Local Government compliance requirements to settle property sales.

Please contact us if you require further information or clarification on any aspects of your development's telecommunications requirements. We can provide you with an initial proposal for your development including a price estimate indicating the savings you can achieve with OPENetworks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the developer or building manger sell Internet services to development's residents?

    OPENetworks can assist in setting you up as a Virtual ISP (VISP). OPENetworks provides only the wholesale layer-2 access service with your VISP offering the packaged retail services and providing level 1 customer support. Revenue to the VISP could be between 15-25% depending on the final operational model.

  • What is considered active network equipment?

    The active network is the electronics and optical transceivers that communicate over the fibre and deliver the network services. Devices include the carrier headend and Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) in apartments, hotel rooms and service risers.

  • How does OPENetworks generate income?

    OPENetworks is a wholesale network operator and charge retail ISPs a fee to access the our network in order to deliver their retail services residents. OPENetworks wholesale rates for superfast broadband services are regulated by the ACCC and may not be higher than NBN Co.

  • How future proof is OPENetworks' network?

    Our deployed FTTP access networks are capable of delivering up to 1000Mbps. Currently the majority of Retail Service Providers offer services up to 100/40Mbps (less than 10% of the access network's capacity). There is ample capacity in the system to deliver much faster services in the future. As OPENetworks owns the Carrier headend and ONTs, when the technology needs to be upgraded to deliver even faster speeds, OPENetworks is responsible to make these upgrades at no cost to the community.

  • Is there spare capacity in the installed fibre optic cables?

    As part of our typical FTTP installation, OPENetworks runs at least 8 fibres to each Fibre Distribrution Hub (FDH) or Building Distributor (BuDi). Typically only 1 to 2 of these fibres are used (1 fibre per roughly 30 apartments) and there is ample spare fibre for the future enhancements.

  • What is the impact of streaming video such as Netflix?

    Netflix is a widely popular streaming video on demand service that launched in Australia in Mar 2015. In the first month after its introduction Internet Service Providers saw a 25% rise in traffic on all networks. The retail ISPs have responded to this unprecedented increase in demand by purchasing additional network capacity to ensure a good end user experience with Netflix