OPENetworks have been designing, constructing, and operating superfast Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks since 2007. As a Licensed Telecommunications Carrier, we comply with all NBN legislation and Australian standards. We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards.



OPENetworks have been designing, constructing, and operating superfast Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks since 2007. As a Licensed Telecommunications Carrier, we comply with all NBN legislation and Australian standards, and hold ourselves to the highest industry standards.

We operate on a wholesale only and open access basis; and were the first carrier in Australia to adopt this model, which is now the standard mandated by the Australian Government.

All new developments must comply with Federal Government NBN legislation, as well as the Development Application requirements of the relevant local authority. Legislation requires each premises in a new development to be connected to an FTTP network capable of providing superfast broadband services.

OPENetworks prides itself on adding significant value to your development, and delivering substantial savings. We effect this by integrating building and community services into our distribution network, and by eliminating the need for duplicate infrastructure and network cabling.

All necessary services are carried over a single superfast fibre optic network—services including superfast broadband, free-to-air TV, building management systems, video and audio intercoms, and CCTV.

While other networks often require duplicate cabling, pit and pipe infrastructure, and network equipment, OPENetworks eliminates superfluous spending, resulting in tremendous savings for our clients.


We pride ourselves on the comprehensive suite of services we offer. Unlike some other Licensed Communications Carriers, we are unfettered by legislative requirements regarding our rates or quotes: All our services are priced competitively, and in the best interest of our clients and customers. Our networks facilitate:

  1. Essential FTTP Netowrk (NBN voice + data).
  2. Free-To-Air & Foxtel Television.
  3. Community WiFi.
  4. Integration of building services via GPON.Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Network.

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We can provide a network for any residential, broad-acre, or commercial development, enabling the distribution of broadband, VoIP, free-to-air television, and any IP-based building services.

We assist developers every step of the day, providing a single project manager to guide the construction process from start to finish. We oversee the installation of one backline, and ensure the entire system is implemented under a single carrier.

As a ‘wholesale only, open access’ telecommunications carrier, OPENetworks is dedicated to providing a premium service. We offer access to numerous high-speed internet packages from leading RSPs.

We will own, operate, and upgrade the FTTP network at no cost to the developer, building manager, hotel operator, or owners corporate.

Why Choose OPENetworks?


We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards, both in our professional conduct and in the services we provide. There are many reasons why OPENetworks will be the right choice for you:


Our model guarantees our clients the best in future technology at the most competitive pricing.


OPENetworks prides itself on delivering streamlined, space-saving installations of all networks. Eliminate duplicate distribution cabling and network equipment for local services, and eliminate duplicate pit and pipe infrastructure usually necessary with other network designs.


OPENetworks is fully licensed, government-approved, and complaint with all NBN legislation.


We are dedicated to working alongside you, and to the programme of the construction manager. We provide a single project manager to oversee construction of your network from start to finish.


We guarantee compliance and network activation before all settlements.

Future Proof

OPENetworks offers the fastest, most efficient fibre networks, and the assurance that your development will continue to benefit from the steady advancement of technology.


Our Promise

OPENetworks is committed to offering developers, residents, and Retail Service Providers a premium service, carried out efficiently, ethically, and to the highest standard.
We are dedicated to setting the standard by which we, and our competitors, are assessed—rather than simply meeting expectations, we aim to exceed them.

We are wholly confident in our ability, and in the efficacy of our model; and we are steadfastly determined to not betray the confidence our clients have placed in us.


To preview some of the featured projects OPENetworks has successfully completed, click the link here.

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