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OPENetwork's Brisbane Head Office, Oxley House, Level 2 25 Donkin Street, West End QLD 4101.


OPENetworks is an ACMA licensed telecommunications carrier, holding licence number 228 since 2007, and was the first licensed carrier to introduce the concepts of wholesale only and open access network operation to the Australian telecommunications marketplace. This is now the standard that has been mandated by the Australian Government for all superfast broadband access networks since 13 April 2012.

The requirement for superfast network operators to be wholesale only and open access means that any retail service provider seeking access to superfast broadband access networks, such as those operated by OPENetworks, may do so on equal terms and prices, and without discrimination or bias, so that end users are offered a range of retail products from providers who compete in a fair marketplace.

Our Retail Service Providers page lists the retailers currently offering services over OPENetworks access networks. Other retailers are in discussions with OPENetworks to access our network and will be advertised on our website once they have entered into a wholesale broadband access agreement with OPENetworks and completed interconnection and testing of their access gateways.

It is the long term strategic goal of OPENetworks to be the leading alternative wholesale carrier to NBN Co in Australia, providing last mile broadband connections to residential and small business communities in both greenfields and high density brownfield areas.

OPENetworks has concluded master agreements on a national basis with leading equipment vendors, recognised back haul providers, specialist network consultants and other key business partners that demonstrates our long term commitment to this strategic objective.


Our Network

OPENetworks operates a diverse telecommunications network, spanning Australia's eastern seaboard, which utilises a variety of access technologies to suit local conditions:

  • Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) - for new developments, with distribution fibre to the premises (FTTP).
  • Active Ethernet Switches - for existing multi-dwelling unit buildings having Cat5 or better structured cabling, with distribution fibre to the riser (FTTR).
  • Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line 2 (VDSL2) - for existing premises having Cat3 telephone cabling, with distribution fibre to the node or basement (FFTN/FTTB).

Our FTTP networks offer high levels of integration, allowing broadband, voice, RF-TV, and building or community services to operate over a single fibre network. For more details on the advantages of an integrated fibre network from OPENetworks check out our information for developers.

OPENetworks operates datacentre Points of Interconnect (POI) in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to provide Retail Service Providers access to our network of homes passed. If you are a retailer who would like to enquire about access to our network then contact our RSP Sales team today.

Check our network status page for current and future network outage notifications.