About Us

Committed to delivering the very best in fibre networks

About Us

OPENetworks is a premium wholesale licensed telecommunications carrier, specialising in the delivery of future-proof Fibre to the Premises networks in new and existing developments. Operating since 2007, we were the first licensed carrier to implement wholesale only and open access network operation in the Australian telecommunications market.

Both concepts are now the standard, mandated by Australian Government, for all superfast broadband access networks, as of April 13 2012.

These standards ensure that any Retail Service Provider (RSP) seeking access to superfast broadband may do so in a fair, unbiased market, on equal terms, and at competitive prices.
OPENetworks is committed to best-practice, working in tandem with developers and residents to offer services both streamlined and cost-effective. We guarantee compliance, and dedicate ourselves to the highest industry standards.

Our Goal

We aim to be the leading wholesale carrier in Australia, providing an unparalleled service through our leading vendors, specialist consultants, and recognised backhaul providers, and offering the largest choice of RSPs of any independent telecommunications carrier.


Our Mission

At OPENetworks, we are dedicated to delivering premium network services to Australian residential communities. We believe in the digital future, and in the importance of being connected, and we strive to provide our customers with the fastest, safest, and most affordable network solutions.We believe in maintaining productive relationships with builders, developers, and residents, and are proud to work towards a smarter, better connected future.

OPENetworks Services: 

-Essential FTTP Network (NBN voice + data)

-Free-to-Air & Pay Television

-Community WiFi

-Integration of building services via GPON

-Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Network

Further information can be found on our Developers page.

Please contact us via our Support page.


I might add that, following our review of all key GPON providers, OPENetworks are by far the most developer- and owner’s corporation-friendly.” —Sinclair Brook, 2016